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A Very Nouveau Holiday Show! (Featuring me!)

Photo by Robert Hart
Photo by Robert Hart

On December 11, 13, 18 & 20, I’ll be performing, alongside my good friend Lance Lusk, an original short play called “Playing Santa” at A Very Nouveau Holiday Show at the Margo Jones Theater in Fair Park.


But, it’s not just Lance and me! Oh, no. It’s an entire evening of awesome short plays from some of the area best playwrights. We’re talking Brad McEntire and Ben Schroth up in here!

So, please go to the link below and RSVP. It should be a super fun show.

But note: I’m only performing on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you come on Friday or Sunday, I won’t be there. But, if that’s the only day you can go, you still should.

Ho, Ho, Ho, everyone!!!

I’m performing at the Audacity Solo Salon in December!!!

I’l be performing two times (for a total of five actual performances) in the month of December.

audacity solo salon

First, come see me at the Audacity Solo Salon on December 8th.

This is the second Solo Salon after its debut in August of this year. On this particular night, I’ll be featured alongside Adam A. Anderson and Brad McEntire, two incredibly talented performers who I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many times in my other life as a theater critics.

My performance will be a 20 minute selection from my solo show “..and then I woke up”.

This is a workshop type atmosphere where each of us will take turns performing, followed by audience feedback. It’s a really cool chance to see what’s on the Horizon in the Dallas theater scene.

The location is the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park.

Also, it’s free!!!

Show starts at 7:30.

Email me for more info. Also, here’s a link to my Facebook event page. All are welcome.

Facebook Event Page

And the website for the Audacity Solo Salon


This is the short film Joe and I made in 2009. It was our first foray into film. We were amateurs. We still, technically, are. But, we’ve come so far. This was a valuable learning experience, and a fun footnote in our path…

There’s another scene, also on vimeo. It was the opening scene. Eventually, I split it form the rest of the film because, through no fault of the actors, it just never quite worked.

Of course, the film doesn’t quite work. But, it was fun and educational nevertheless…

Performance Installation: Week 3

Our reading for the week was the Joseph Beuys: The Reader, edited by Claudia Mesch and Viola C. Danto.


The book is a collection of essays on hugely influential, and often controversial artist/performer Joseph Beuys. A lot of the symbolism and, really, absurdity that we associate with performance art today can be largely credited to him. His installations, too, might seem absurd to the casual viewer. But, Beuys always had a purpose. Every material used, and how it was used had a meaning. 

Here’s a brief YouTube video:


Modern, postmodern, or whatever, Beuys did the kind of things in performance and art that we might role our eyes at today because it seems cliched. But, it’s cliched because he did it, essentially, first. It’s the old art adage, the first person to do it is a genius. Everyone after that is an unimaginative copycat. 

Beuys was definitely an original voice for 20th century art. Interesting, to say the least…

On to our assignment for the week…

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